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Resident Handbook

If you live in one of the apartment communities we manage, this section of our website is just for you.

Your apartment lease is a legal agreement between you and Home Forward.

Here is a brief overview of the lease terms your property manager will go over with you when you move in. If there is anything in your lease that you don’t understand, please ask. Keep your copy of the lease somewhere safe and easy to find.

Fir Acres

You are required to pay a security deposit and a key deposit. This money will be refunded after you move out, unless you owe payment to Home Forward for items such as cleaning, damage, overdue rent, or other charges.

The rent you pay is based on your income. If your income changes, notify us by the 15th of the month to have your rent adjusted for the next month. Your property manager will schedule an appointment to review your income, and adjust your rent if necessary. Similarly, you must also notify us if the number of people in your household changes.

On weekdays during business hours, contact your property manager with any emergency maintenance issues. At night, on weekends, and holidays, call (503) 239-2773. Depending on the repairs needed, you won’t be charged. If repairs are needed because of damage caused by your household, there will be a charge.

Residents and their guests are expected to maintain the peaceful enjoyment of the community.

Space may be available at some properties for you to park one properly license, operable car per household, with a parking permit and vehicle registration.

In all Home Forward communities, smoking is prohibited indoors and within ten feet of the property, unless there are designated areas where smoking is permitted.

If you live in a Home Forward community, you can keep certain household pets or service animals, with a fee for some pets, as long as they don’t disturb your neighbors. Any animals that you plan to keep in your apartment must be approved and registered with Home Forward before they are allowed in your apartment.  Visiting animals are not allowed on our properties.

Lease Compliance

If Home Forward has evidence that you have violated your lease agreement, and chooses to end your lease, communicate with your property manager to make sure you understand the reason, and make an attempt to fix the situation. Your property manager will always bring violations to your attention through written notices. If Home Forward decides to end your lease, we will give you advance written notice, including the reasons for the decision. If you disagree, you have the right to an informal conference and/or a formal hearing to attempt to settle the dispute.  Visit the Grievance Procedure page in this handbook for details on disputing a decision. 

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