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Housing Choice Voucher

A resource for Housing Choice Voucher participants and landlords

The Section 8 program is a joint effort between the landlord, tenant, and Home Forward; each with specific responsibilities.

Landlords perform all management and rental functions for the assisted unit, including screening and selection of tenants. Tenants are responsible to abide by the lease agreement with their landlord. Home Forward administers rent subsidy to landlords and tracks tenants’ program eligibility.

Northwest Tower

  • Maintain the unit according to Housing Quality Standards (HQS).


  • Comply with equal opportunity/fair housing requirements.


  • Prepare information required under the Housing Assistance Payments contract and furnish the information to Home Forward.


  • Collect payment from the tenant for security deposit, their portion of the rent, and any charges for damages to the unit.


  • Enforce the tenant obligations under the lease.


  • Pay for utilities and services agreed upon in the lease. 
  • Supply information determined necessary by Home Forward or HUD to administer the program, including completion of scheduled income reviews.


  • Pay utilities that are not supplied by the landlord.


  • Provide and maintain the appliances for which they are responsible.


  • Correct damages to the unit during tenancy.


  • Uphold the terms of the lease.


  • Notify Home Forward and the owner 30 days in advance of moving or terminating the lease.
  • Make timely rent assistance payments to the landlord.


  • Regularly evaluate family eligibility.


  • Inspect units at least once every two years.


  • Investigate potential fraud or program abuse by tenants or landlords.


  • Provide quality customer service to landlords and tenants.


  • Notify landlord of any change in subsidy amount.
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