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The Congregate Housing Services Program helps eligible residents with daily activities.

Independent Living for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities

The Congregate Housing Services Program (CHSP) is designed to assist seniors and adults with disabilities to live independently in their own apartments. It provides services and assistance including meals, housekeeping, personal care, companionship and case management.

CHSP began in 1981 with a single meal server dispensing meals. The program now has five locations, with meals delivered daily, serving nearly 100 people. In 2006, Impact Northwest was awarded the contract to manage the Congregate Housing Services Program in cooperation with Home Forward and Multnomah County Aging & Disability Services, which is funded by Housing & Urban Development and the Senior & Disabled Services Division of Oregon.

CHSP Sites

Dahlke Manor – 915 NE Schuyler
Grace Peck Terrace – 1839 NE 14th Ave
Holgate House – 4601 SE Cesar E Chavez Blvd
Rosenbaum Plaza – 1218 SW Washington
Unthank Plaza – 2500 N Williams

Impact NW provides Case Management in partnership with Home Forward’s operation of the  program.

For more information about the Congregate Housing Services Program and eligibility, please contact:
Corinne Shulman 503-867-1531 

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    Services Provided by CHSP

    Case Management Services

    The case manager is responsible for completing intake and needs assessment, along with providing case management and service coordination for all CHSP participants.


    Each participant is assigned housekeeping assistance through the needs assessment process.

    Personal Care

    If it is determined that a participant requires personal care assistance, a contracted personal care aide will be assigned to assist the participant with his or her needs.

    Daily Evening Meals

    Dinner is served every evening and Saturday lunch is provided at each CHSP location.


    The participant may have the option of having a companion visit with the participant for socialization.

    Impact NW Support Services

    - Transportation
    - Socialization
    - Health Promotion Activities
    - Information & Assistance
    - Volunteer Services
    - and other services as needed

    Eligibility Requirements

    Participants must either live or be willing to live at either Grace Peck Terrace, Holgate House, Dahlke Manor, Rosenbaum Plaza, or Unthank Plaza.

    Participants must be either Medicaid participants, approved by their case manager and currently eligible for in-home services OR private pay participants, who must be assessed by a case manager and approved by the Professional Assessment Committee (PAC) for service eligibility.

    *Private pay participants have a pay‐in cost of approximately 15% of their adjusted income.

    For more information about the Congregate Housing Services Program and eligibility, please contact:
    Corinne Shulman 503-867-1531 

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